privacy policy

I collect your data (what link you click to access my site, what pages you access, your browser name and version, what time you visit, and your computer's internet protocol address) when you access my site. Your data is saved in log files by my server, and some of that data may be sent to third-parties. I keep these log files for up to 10 years.

My site does not use cookies, and is not designed to do so. If you block cookies, my site will not break.

No data I collect is PII. No data I collect directly (first-party) is for interest-based advertising.

Third-parties may collect your data for interest-based advertising. To politely ask that your data is not used by third-parties for interest-based advertising, you should enable DoNotTrack in each of your web browsers. Third-parties may use your data for other purposes. Any of your data collected by third-parties is subject to their privacy policy, and not mine.

The data I collect is used for site improvement, but it may be used for other purposes.

If you want to prevent many third-parties from collecting your data, you should install an ad blocker.

Twitter's interest-based advertising opt-out information is here.

AddThis's interest-based advertising opt-out information is here.

If this policy changes, I'll make a note.

Last revised: September 1st, 2017.

Revision information, most recent on top:
    Added AddThis IBA opt-out link. Terms didn't otherwise change.