privacy policy

I only collect your data (what link you click to access my site, what page you are attempting to access, your user agent name and version, what time you visit, and your computer's internet protocol address) when your access of my site generates an error condition (HTTP 4xx or 5xx). I do not collect data of normal "successful" (HTTP 2xx or 3xx) browsing activity. However, the error logs previously mentioned may be kept indefinitely.

The data I collect is used for site improvement, but it may be used for other purposes.

My site does not use cookies, and is not designed to do so. If you block cookies, my site will not break.

No data I collect is PII. No data I collect directly (first-party) is for interest-based advertising.

Third-parties may collect your data for interest-based advertising. To politely ask that your data is not used by third-parties for interest-based advertising, you should enable DoNotTrack in each of your web browsers. Third-parties may use your data for other purposes. Any of your data collected by third-parties is subject to their privacy policy, and not mine.

No data is sold by me. If you wish to communicate to websites and service providers that you do not want your data to be sold, please find and enable Global Privacy Control for your browser.

From time to time I will test some tracking software on my website. This is usually done in a limited manner (for example, on one or two pages). Absolutely no tracking will happen if you enable Do Not Track or Global Privacy Control in your browser. These signals will always be respected by my code.

If you want to prevent many third-parties from collecting your data, you should install an ad blocker.

Some pages have Twitter widgets embedded in them. Twitter's interest-based advertising opt-out information is here.

If this policy changes, I'll make a note.

Last revised: January 6th, 2023.

Revision information, most recent on top:
Added noopener and noreferrer to external links in privacy policy.
Slight verbiage clarification in first para, and added note about GPC.
Added note about analytics script testing.
Updated Twitter Opt-Out info link.
Removed AddThis IBA opt-out link, as I do not use AddThis anymore.
Rewrote the first paragraph to conform to the fact that I do not keep access logs, only error logs.
Added AddThis IBA opt-out link. Terms didn't otherwise change.