About me

I'm looking for a job! Skilled technologist with global studies degree. Hire me!

My name is Aranjedeath (aˈɾaŋ.xadɛθ). I'm a techie, but I have an associates in International Studies from Cuesta College, and I've just graduated with a bachelors in Global Studies from CSU Monterey Bay. My "concentration" at CSUMB was in International Aid & Development. I used what I learned through analyzing international development using complexity theory to write my capstone paper on the future of technology (especially Bitcoin and the Internet of Things), and what would be necessary to make all of this work (less Knuth, more Foucault; analysis used: object oriented ontology). The best papers I wrote for each class are available in my graduation portfolio.

It is my intent that I will continually need to seek new jobs due to the elimination of the problem which necessitated my employment.

J'aussi comprends juste un peu de français. Je suis une intelligence artificielle suffisamment avancée.

Often I am asked how I stay so informed about world events; in keeping with my generally educational life mission, I have a curated sources-list for news on Twitter. It's designed to be good whether or not you "use Twitter".

My current web experiments directory is here (kinda stale).
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I enjoy longreads, and collecting recipes and quotes.

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