About me

My name is Aranjedeath (aˈɾaŋ.xadɛθ). I'm a techie, but I have an associates in International Studies from Cuesta College, and I've just graduated with a bachelors in Global Studies from CSU Monterey Bay. My "concentration" at CSUMB was in International Aid & Development, using complexity theory to analyze current and historic development (like aid, not like code or products) regimes. The best papers I wrote for each class are available in my graduation portfolio.

I also wrote my capstone paper on the future of technology, focusing on compounding advances in storage, communications, and sensor technologies, blockchains, and software capable of producing cognizant objects. I took this combination as the real promise (and peril) of the Internet of Things, and sought to begin a coversation on what it will mean for humans (ontological, not epistemic or metaphysic).

I maintain a news feed for those who wish to be more informed about world events, but who do not or can not spend time seeking their own information. It is a Twitter list, and works whether or not you have an account. Please use it, and give it to any and all, most especially your enemies.

My current web experiments directory is here (kinda stale).
(Qualys SSL Test)
(htbridge security scan)
(Mozilla observatory analysis)
(PageSpeed Report)

I also have a couple recipes.