Because Fuck Ads

By: Jacob Taylor
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I'm no friend of advertisers, so I figured it would be good to give solid recommendations about ad blocking software people can use to subvert that exploitative industry, and maybe make yourself just a little bit less surveilled online. Make no mistake, the NSA may be the big bad in the news lately, but what they know about you pales in comparison to data brokers, analytics, advertising, and adtech companies.

If you need an ad block list, I make one for my own use which you are welcome to utilize. It is available here.


If you're using chrome, I highly recommend µBlock Origin. It's better than AdBlockPlus.


Like Chrome, Firefox has µBlock Origin.


Like Chrome, use µBlock Origin.


Use µBlock Origin.

Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android supports addons, which means you can install µBlock Origin!

Safari for iOS

As of iOS 9, content blockers are a Thing. Mozilla makes one named Focus by Firefox.

Hope this helps.