my µBlock list

By: Jacob Taylor

I hate advertising and the horrible things it has done to the web. The theft of my bandwidth, memory, and CPU time is unacceptable. So, I built a blocklist to clean it up.

It works great in µBlock0. You can grab uBlock for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.


After installing, open the µBlock options picture of uBlock options screen

Click "3rd-party Filters" (at the top menu), scroll to the bottom, and paste the blocklist url in the "custom" area. Then hit "Parse". uBlock options third-party filter list screen

Then click apply, in the top-right corner. apply button in uBlock on top right of screen

Afterwards, you will see something like this at the bottom: custom filter list screen after submit

I configure my blocklists like so – with just the malware block lists enabled, in addition to mine uBlock options screen full

If you change which lists are enabled, don't forget to hit apply another uBlock apply screen shot

That's it! The list will auto-update. Please contact me if some site is horribly broken and I'll see if I can fix it. The list doesn't break sites for the most part, nor does it block absolutely everything. The intent is harm reduction, not absolute safety.