Piecemeal Theoretical Frameworks or Continuous Integration

By: Jacob Taylor

You should integrate all theoretical frameworks you approve of into your worldview by piecemeal.

Break down how you will learn to use all complex ideas or large life changes into many small steps. Small changes here and there are never hard, but if you’re always changing some small thing it will add up to a larger shift rather quickly. Do multiple integrations at once. Work on each thing for 20 minutes once per week, but do 2 (no more than 3) integration attempts per day.

Always check to make sure the integrations are successful. If you’re not keeping with an idea or change that you like, assess why that is, don’t just remove the failing thing.

Perhaps sometimes you won’t know where you’re developing towards, but only the direction it is in. That’s fine because you can implement the first step, then the second, and so on without knowing the destination. Just do not do huge breaking changes. Do the steps one after the other, you’ll find your direction by the end of it.

I have found it most beneficial to integrate all frameworks, even the ones I do not like, because each has particular situations wherein they are most apt for analysis. For example: knowing Real, Liberal, Utilitarian, Functionalist, and Constructivist political analysis frameworks. I don’t love any of them, but they’re all great analysis tools for some subset of political events.