By: Jacob Taylor

It's like surfing on a field of emotional fulfillment, towards some planet unknown. No oxygen, no suit, and no fear. Every color in the universe presents to meet you, to see what the human race has become. A lowly one, but this one loves, they say. This one recognizes the unity of it all. This one we will help they say.

And so they do.

And it's like having your own personal jet pack, on your own wave field. 186,000 miles per second just doesn't cut it. It's not fast enough, and it's not far enough. But that's fine, the colors of the sky will carry you. Lay down your earthly yardsticks, for they bear no use here.

You are connected to every one and every thing. That's how it all works. Now go forth and see how strongly you couple to the higgs field. It's less than you think.

In front of you, a latticework of unity extends. Get on it, it knows where you need to be. You've been reduced to your essence, let it guide you.