MLO4: Capstone Summary Essay

By: Jacob Taylor

OUTCOME: Students synthesize and evaluate their learning experiences associated with Global Studies and prepare a cumulative portfolio that demonstrates they have fulfilled their learning objectives. In addition, students synthesize, research and write a Capstone project that integrates experiential learning and knowledge of the theory, methods and philosophy of the major.

Are you able to frame appropriate questions, compare, and conduct research on a particular issue as a global process or phenomenon?

The capstone paper I wrote is on what will be (if it is not already) the future of Global Studies. I looked at the future of globalization through the lens of technology, and analyzed what exactly our futures will look like with computing devices embedded in every object we use. I reviewed the literature, both on my topic and on relevant related ones (organizational cybernetics, for example), and used this as a guide for where to contribute to the body of knowledge in academia. I combined social justice with a fresh philosophic framework through which to do the analysis, and produced something which I think in mostly indirect ways (due to length) represents much of what has been learned about the globe and globalization itself as a systemic change (or, through certain interpretations, a distinct lack thereof). The short end of this is that humans create hierarchies out of everything, and that this is wrong and counterproductive.